Reviews for "Reiko - Captive Audience"



You may want to work on some different movements.

Nuff' said...

a mingling!

a merger of ill will and tainted ink?! *hugs* free skittles for all!!!!!!!!!!

And so it begins.

Im a fan of foamy cartoons but lately you have been not doing so well,But now i can see that this will be a great flash and that you will be regonized as a good flash maker again.

Simple Little Cartoon for a Simple Little Strip

Being a reader of Contemplating Reiko I had no problem with the animation being so short. It's in the spirit of the strip. Since each panel is only one square Reiko doesn't provide much in the way of story but is mostly a snippet with some visual humour.. I think the animation captures the spirit of the strip really well. Reiko is simple, so if makes sense that the animation be simple too.

I loved the music the most. It was wonderfully effective because it's tone didn't change but the way the viewer accepts that tone shifted as the scene shifted. It's a slow little song with a nice melody that becomes ominous as we plane down to the frozen bodies of little Reiko's friends.. Er.. Victims. I liked it.

A job well done

as i said a job well done and here's why:
1) The title said "Captive Audience", that meant any kind of audience, even little kids frozen under the lake
2) The song was good
3) Frozen little kiddies inside a pond are always fun XD.....and very original
4) It sticks to the title, and very few flashes on Newgrounds do stick to the title

the only bad point was that i was a bit short

oh for all that are going to say "This flash is short" or "IllWillPress made this?.....write abusive reviews" then don't review it.
your wasting your time, the animator's time and everyone's time with worthless reviews that don't help the animator to improve at all.