Reviews for "Frag Assault"

nice game

It´s nice and i like it, but i had a problem with hitting or someting. ]i couldn´t change back. i think it´s nice and keep up the good work

ZT responds:

After you run out of ammo for a gun, you auto switch to your sword. You can't shoot again untill you pick up a new gun. Hope that helps, thanks for the review! :)


So yea, i'm sitting here playing this game, and i'm dying over and over again...and yet some part of me won't let me stop playing....hence the 5am post I am currently writing. GG ZT, you've won.

ZT responds:

Awww, I'm so very glad you like the game, kind sir :)


amazing game. graphics and sound were great and everything else was great. definitely adding to my favs.

ZT responds:

Haha, cool! Thanks for playing, man :)

Great, great, GREAT !

Hi !

You have a pretty good game here ! The music is pretty sweet (there MUSt be good music in video games). In fact, I have nothing more to say than your game is pretty good, but I wanted to say it to you. It's really really nice to answer each comments, thanks !


P.S. Sorry for my english.
P.P.S. The music was REALLY great.
P.P.P.S I love you

ZT responds:

Thanks for all the compliments! I'm glad you liked the music, and thanks for playing! :)


This game is so goddamn addictive i havent sotpped playing for 3 days.

If youre going to make a frag assault 2, ive got a few suggestions that seem to be common. Make a weapons tier, make a life bar, and if you plan on keeping the weapons system the same, then make it so thta if you get the same gun, the ammo for it will stack, and not just over lap.

that last idea is prolly the best.

anyways thanks for the killer game

ZT responds:

Cool, thanks for the ideas, glad you liked it :)