Reviews for "Icon tutorial"

Very Blunt Tutorial

Next time you make a tutorial, show more then one way to do something. Other then that is is a very decent tutorial if you are new at photoshop.

Myst responds:

Well, I may think about it, but in the first time this tutorial's point was to show a fast and easy way to make tutorial ... and also to show it in a fast way that's easy to get. So I just made it plain simple. Thanks for the review though.

ahh this stupid bug!

i gave this a nine because i cant even do anything

Myst responds:

Well, if you PM me with a little more developpement, I might help you fix that bug ...


i could find a icon maker on Google this has none'n to do with the fact that
theirs a icon maker on the net! this just happins to be some bad old thing
that tells you how to make icons the hack with telling me what to do just
Google search icon maker and you'll find a icon maker.

Myst responds:

I'm not quite sure I get your point. However it is possible to find icon-making softwares on the net, but they're usualy designed to make desktop icons, which is kinda different from what we're trying to do here. Some softwares probably offers to make icons the size we want 'em, but I doubt they're free. Anyway, if you find anything let me know.

It was good

One of the best tutorials I have seen, a problem for me when I wanna make a Thumbnail is that I don't have photo shop. I think that paint can solve when I make my avatars/thumbnails and other things.
And as I see the other reviews on this submission when they can't find Print Scrn or know Ctrl+V is, maybe they are not the ones that should make thumbnails :D.

Myst responds:

Thanks for the review, I'm glad it helped you out. However, for someone who's using Paint to make icons, I think you're judging the other rather fast, I could probably say the same about you ;)

Just kidding, thanks anyway.


Quick, easy. Whenever I want to make a icon. I will come here.

Myst responds:

I'm glad it helped, thanks for the review, I appreciate it.