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yohey just 1 Question

i have to use photoshop?

quite helpful.

This was pretty good for a tutorial. I could say that the idea would be for the noobs, cause making icons is a pretty simple thing to do. I've already posted a few in the Icon Helpers page, hope some of them will be used:). I use ImageReady CS2, I can basically do the same thing as with photoshop. Hope the quality isn't different, though.

Anyway, this was a basic, but pretty good and informative tutorial. Since it is a tutorial, I wont suggest on any improvements, cause I don't think that a tutorial would have a very big need of those.
Good luck.

Will help

It will, for those who didn't read shit on the iconhelpers page.
It was good informative flash anyways, great job!

free alternative

This is a very useful tutorial. Glad it's here.

If people have a problem with the fact that this tutorial requires Photoshop, which is a pretty expensive program to buy just for making icons for NG, there's still The GIMP. Get it at www.gimp.org . It functions the same way as Photoshop, but is open-source, that means free.

Myst responds:

You're right. Plus I couldn't recommand to get an illegal version of photoshop ^^
Thanks for the review :)

Thanks to this tutorial I've made 131 icons so far

Dude, thank you so much for making this simple but helpful tutorial. I don't care if it has bad graphics or if it hasn't animation, this tutorial was helpful and it still gets my 5.
A music would have made it better but there's no point at all for arguing for a flash that was made 2 years ago :P
Conclusion: Thanks for the tutorial.

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Note: By the way, I watched this tutorial before. I'm just leaving you my thoughts :P


Myst responds:

Thanks for the review, it's very nice. You pretty much got the point of my flash, I wanted to make something simple and quick. However I can't deny it's a pretty simple one. I just didn't have the time to make much more out of it.

Thanks anyway, keep up the good work :)