Reviews for "Icon tutorial"


Very very thanks!

Never knew that :D

I honestly never knew how to do that trick in photoshop before. This pretty useful for uploading paper skecths to the Art Portal as well.

Extremely Useful

I've seen tutorials on NG's that are just total bs, they're confusing and just not helpful at all. This one the other hand was very accurate and useful. I was a little confused by the instructions. I thought the screen shots were stored somewhere like in a folder somewhere with other pictures. I didn't know the screen shot is only stored temporarily and only can be seen when paste it somewhere. Other than that. this is a very great tutorial. I was FINALLY able to post a gif for my icon on NG's. Thank you very much for doing this tutorial Myst.

it was, erm... Ok..

The tutorial its self was good, but you should have Asked the user (Using buttons) if they had paint or photo shop. I personally understood what to do on paint, but as you can see (Look below this review) others didn't.

You HAVE to remember one thing, if the user is truly just beginning you will have to go greatly in depth into the Programs to teach them anything. Otherwise they just get confused :)