Reviews for "Icon tutorial"

Mine's not working...

I have a print screen button, but it doesn't take the screenshots...
What else can I do?

Myst responds:

Well, first thing is, you have to Paste (Ctrl+V) your screenshot on Photoshop, Paint, Gimp or a similiar software.

If it really doesn't take any screenshot, then it might be either that your key is broken, or for some quite odd reason your keyboard might need to get some keys reconfigured. But this is quite unlikely so I'd suggest making some internet search about your specific keyboard, or contacting the keyboard's company, they probably have a solution for your issue.

be assed

this does work i just cant be assed watchin all of it i no it works tho cuse me m8 does it so im gona get im to do it this was good for a tutorial about makingh a icon gd work

Myst responds:

I'm not quite sure I got all of it, but thanks for the review :P

This works!

thank you! This one really works and now iknow how to make icons!!!

Myst responds:

My pleasure ! I made this to help people with icons, if it does help, then I'm pretty satisfied :)

Thanks for the review.

help... i'm confused!

i don't have an apple button! how do i make screen shots with a DELL? plz reply

Myst responds:

Well, you have to undestand first that MAC and PCs are the two main schools in term of computer. There are other ones as Linux, but I've never heard of them making computer material and accessories. SO, it means your physical computer (you know, box, keyboard and such) has to be either PC or MAC. Dell is a brand ... that goes with PC or MAC. Since you don't have any Apple key, it means you probably have a PC and in this case, all you have to do is find the Print Screen button.

Very good!

But I'm SURE theres some rule about making a border on your icon, or where you given permission for that too?

Myst responds:

Uh ... actually I think the border adds by itself. There is no "rule" about it and believe me, if there was I would know. All you have to do is respect the filesize and dimension and there won't be any problem with it.