Reviews for "Icon tutorial"

nice, but

when I tried to upload an image(yes it was 48x48 and yes it was a GIF) it said No gifs with tranceparent background.... how can I fix this?
Note: I use paint and to resize it you strech and squew it for all you noobs

Myst responds:

Well, for a start, it's 46x46 instead of 48x48. Now for this transparency stuff, I think what it means is pretty self explanory, but if you don't know what it means, you probably don't know how to use transparency in backgrounds neither. What is really odd though, is that Paint doesn't make any transparency at all ... so I'm pretty much clueless about this one ...

this is really great!

this is really great and helpful, i really like it.

Myst responds:

Thanks for the review and the good words. It's pretty nice of you.


u know wat about on a laptop..? cuz on mine it doesnt have a prnt scrn button..so if u could answer i t would be great..=D tutorial was really gôd!

Myst responds:

Hum, actually, unless you have a Mac Portable, it is very unlikely that you don't have a print screen button. Since the keys are very tight, it's more likely to be a "Prt scrn" button. It's usually around the Ins/Del/Home/End/PgUp/PgDwn bunch.

If you still don't find it, do a search on google about your keyboard and print screen. You'll either find an explanation and a solution, or the confirmation that you can't do print screens with it (which is pretty much impossible, there are alternate ways).

its good but one thing..

if you dont have photo shop..is there any other ones that do something the same as that..cuz i dont have photo shop..and it would take me a while to download the trial..

Myst responds:

You can use Paint, but it's never as easy as it is with photoshop. However, if downloading photoshop is too much of a task, I think you might want to get a faster connexion. All the appropriate softwares needs a download ... just as pretty much everything you'd need on a computer ...

bad for some people

uhm I don't know how to take the screen shot cause I have a DELL computer and keyboard :[

Myst responds:

Dell computers are PC's, so you have a "Print screen" (which is more likely spelled "Prt Scrn" on your board) just as every PC. It's usually around the top right part of your keyboard, just over the Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down section.