Reviews for "Icon tutorial"

good one

im not too sure if i've ever seen any other tutorials based on icons before, so it was quite original for a tutorial... and abouve all else, it was very informative. if anybody has problems with icons... then this tutorial is for you.

Myst responds:

I doubt there is any other tutorial about it, Wade would've noticed it before. Thanks for the review, I appreciate it :)

ho's still ha

+++ Fairly clear instructions.

+++ I like how you give tactical pointers, like suggesting folk actually watch it rather than just screening the first image they see.

-- at the start, I know it's not essential, but I was curious to read the text. Having next/back buttons for that section would be nice (along with a skip for the intro).

-- The method of making a new image to paste in your square cropping is unnecessarily complicated. Instead, you could suggest people just go to image>crop.

-- Having the french text may confuse a few simpler folk.

+++ Some great examples of icons.
Is the pic with the topless cartoon girl from the old 'fuck you gently' tenacious D vid? I actually tried searching for that and couldn't find it...

Cool tutorial.

I'd personally dispute the '60-an-hour' measurement - I think simply watching them will often take longer.

But your tutorial should help anyone with photoshop, who's still having problems.

I guess now a tutorial needs to be made for a free program, like GIMP.

Shall I do so, or will you?

Myst responds:

Thanks for the very nice review, there aren't enough people making such good ones (myself included, saddly), seriously, I really enjoyed reading it :)

For the weaknesses you've pointed out, I apologize once again for the french screenshots, but I can hardly do any better right now, I'll update the movie eventually though. For the introduction text, eh, I might add some navigation buttons, but I'm not quite sure it'll give a good effect, may be I'll just put it the second time you go by (when starting again).

Now for the "creating a new document" stuff, I have to say you made me doubt myself eh ! At first I just didn't know why I haven't proposed that instead and even wondered why I always used the make a new document + paste method, but after thinking a little a realized that method was faster than going through the menu with our mouse. It's a good point though so I will probably add it to a further update.

For the icon you asked, it is the devil girl from Fuck you gently, and the animation that featured it is "Dress a devil BETA" (took me time to find the right icon dammit :P) and the URL is http://www.newgrounds.com/por tal/view/281105.

Eh ... the 60 icons/hour thing definitely isn't possible if you actually watch all the movies and you're true, I should mention it and modify my tutorial a little. It's (higly) possible however if you don't. As you make many icons, you'll realize most of the time the best shots for icons are in the very beginning of the movies (often in the preloader ironicaly). I just didn't mention it as it would probably make people create bad icons. Of course, it means I also make some bad ones in rare cases, but it's a little price to pay in comparaison with all the time I save (700+ icons right now, I couldn't have done it if I watched 'em all) and if I compare it to the extra time it fordes mods to take to pass through the few bad icons I make, it isn't bad really :)

And finally, for the free-program tutorial, eh, I don't really know them, so you're free to do it yourself. However, we can co-make it if you want, it'd be a pleasure :)

Feel free to PM me if you have other questions :)