Reviews for "Icon tutorial"

very great idea

if I was u i wud just use paint and save it as a gif if u need a tutorial on howto use paint?

i cant help you ive lways used paint since 98 im just good at it

Myst responds:

Well, thanks for the advice, but I've done my load of paint as well ! It's just a little easier to resize it with Photoshop, as paint usually screws the bits a little when you try to do so. I might not be as good as you with it though.

However, if you feel like helping, you can make a Paint tutorial for all the users who can't get their hands on photoshop.

Best tutorial ever!

I watched your tutorial and tried to make to make a icon and it was right up by the end of the day!!


I hope to see more tutorials from you!!

Myst responds:

I'm glad your icon got approved, keep it up ! Also thanks for the nice review, it's always cool to read these :)


I used this tutorial to make an icon earlier today, and now it's already up. I did an icon on the submission: Life of a Rapper. But enough of that, down to the point; this was the best tutorial. My work was instantly published within the day. And because of that, I thank you for the great tutorial. Believe me, this is no joke. I am serious when I say: You probably made one of the best tutorials. My suggestion would be (of course you don't have to): Create more tutorials, seeing as you did a good job on the first one.
Once again; thanks.

Myst responds:

Thanks, it's a very nice review. However I've got to say you don't owe me much about your icon getting approved as it mostly depends on your own work and the mods' activity. Also, I've got to say that considering my tutorial doesn't have any sound and is all in all very simple graphically wise, it hardly even get close to NG's best tutorials. Some of them are really impressive. I really appreciate the review though, it means that my explanations were good enough and it means something to me :)

P.S.: even though I don't have much time, I might consider making other tutorials.

This is underaged

Once again ANOTHER flash has nudity but is underaged. I saw two other flashes that were "appropiate for all ages" and they had nudity! 'Cause in this flash it says it's "appropiate for all ages" but it isn't. In the icon part of the tutorial it has one of the icons with a female devil with boobs. So ya get me?

Myst responds:

Yeah I know, I'm just so hardcore I decided not to mention it duh. Nah, seriously, good discovery ;)

Thank You!

Thank you very much for making this. I have been there helping to make many icons and I'm going to tell you, that your not alone. On the half of myself and the rest of da' grounds I really appreciate you taking your time out to both create icons and putting this together. Ima go anc help finish making more.

Myst responds:

Hey thanks a lot, it's very nice ! Just keep up the good work :)