Reviews for "Icon tutorial"

i was good

i pressed print screen but nothing happens

Myst responds:

Well, chances are what had to happen actually happened but you just haven't noticed because ... there isn't any "visual" feedback for a printscreen. It's basically the same as selecting a picture and pressing Ctrl+C (aka "Copy"), except that the picture is actually what's on your screen when you push the "Print screen" button. The rest is explained in the tutorial ...

However, there's a slight chance your keyboard might be the problem. You may have to configure some keys, or just replace some broken ones (which usually means replacing the keyboard).


The graphics lacked, but it made up in a great tutorial. Short, sweet, and to the point. Very perfect.

Myst responds:

Yeah, I feel a little cheap about the lack of graphic developpement, but I didn't have much free time when I made it and I kinda had the impression nobody was really willing to do it. So I made it as accurate as possible and picked a very casual visual style. I'm glad it fulfills its purpose though :)

Thanks for the review ;)

Great,lets get started

Nice tutorial,but i cant make anything with paint,can I?But thats no prob., i got a photoshop at my dad's.Thanks for making this

Myst responds:

Well, you could do it as well with paint, but that would be quite harder as you don't have much accuracy when it comes to manage the image size. It'd take you less time just to get photoshop ;)

hey thanks for the tips!

But will this work in flash? well i dont know. other then that good job on teaching something pointless. ( I'm saying that in a good way)

Myst responds:

It would work as well in Flash, but that wouldn't be that efficient as the software isn't really made for image editing. Thanks for the review, even though I doubt there's any good way in qualifying someone's work as pointless.

Very nice.

Thank you for this, as I am a mac user. Before you taught me aboutt the [cmd]+[shift]+[4]. I always used a program called Snapz Pro, and my trial ran out. Just as a question I hope you can answer, where would I find these snapshots?

Also, I use fireworks not photoshop although I use it as well I use it rarely. I believe that fireworks works pretty much the same. For those of you who are firworks users.


Myst responds:

Thanks, I'm glad it helped. With MAC computers, usually the screenshots appear on the desktop, so you shouldn't have to much trouble finding them out. However if they're not there, you might have to do a little google search as I don't know MACs that much.