Reviews for "Icon tutorial"

help me

me have no print button. me use pc. what do i do

Myst responds:

Actually, chances are you do have a Print Screen button, but it might not have been marked as such. So you might have to try a few ones, but usually, on a keyboard, it lays around the"Insert", "Delete", "Home", "End", "Page up", "Page down" bunch. If you can't find it, you'll have to manually configure your keyboard (via Configuration pannel) to add a key that act as the print screen one. But as I said, there are VERY HIGH chances that you already have the key but couldn't find it because it wasn't clearly identified as such.

Good luck.


thanks alot for that tip on screenshots for macs.

Myst responds:

My pleasure, thanks for the review ;)

I know when you made this.

You made this flash on Hallow'een. I know I'm clever. Right the flash it was good and imformative but got a low score but it's essential because no one really knows how to make an icon.

Myst responds:

It got a low score because the tutorial's quality in term of flash animation was definitely nothing impressive. Thanks for the review by the way.

P.S.: I don't recall making this on halloween ... in fact I made it in three hours after I read one of Wade's post regarding these icons.

Cool Nice job.

Very simple but informative.

Myst responds:

Yep, just as your review. Thanks anyway ;)

Simple, but hey, it does the job!

This is a good tutorial. It helped me on the way to master the art of icon making! Thanks Myst!

Myst responds:

All my pleasure, keep up the good work ;)