Reviews for "Icon tutorial"


Good tutorial! Very helpful. But one thing, I want to help out with the icons and all but when I press the "print screen" button, my computer doesn't do anything. What's wrong?

Myst responds:

Hum, my first advice would be to try again, sometimes it doesn't work for many possible reasons. However, if it definitely doesn't work, it might mean that you've got the wrong "function" associated with your keys, that your keyboard or computer doesn't allow the print screen or simply that your key is broken.

In either way, I strongly suggest that you make a search in google about problems related with your specific type of keyboard. If it's common, you're likely to find a way to solve it.


i have mixed feelings about it... i'm sure it was very helpful, but it was a little too boring, so i watched about half a second of it

Myst responds:

Hum well, that's like a documentary I guess ...
Instructive but not very entertaining ...

good that ur helping

so i have to have photoshop? cuz i have a pc. and the only thing it has is "paint"

Myst responds:

Well you can get photoshop by one mean or another, but you can still use paint. The only problem is that it won't be as easy and you'll have to figure out what paint functions' are by yourself. There isn't much of 'em so it shouldn't be that hard anyway.

Great job!

I found this tutorial very helpful! Thanks for making it easy for beginners.

Myst responds:

All pleasure is mine, just make sure you do use it wisely ^^


Now I know how to make thumbnails hehehe

Myst responds:

Tout le plaisir est pour moi, c'├ętait effectivement le but de l'exercice :)