Reviews for "Icon tutorial"

This really helped me!

This really does shows me how to make an icon!
all you have to do is by using the printscreen button on a flash movie, then copy it to an image editor, the resize it to 46x46(i think) and then upload it!
Even a kid can do it so easily!

Myst responds:

I'm glad it helped you out, that's the main point after all. Thanks for the review.

i founds this help full!

only one thing where do i upload the icon...lol soz i sould have seen it but did not

Myst responds:

It was in the flash and it's even on this very page ...

http://www.newgrounds.com/iconhelpers .php

reply to fireman3521:

you do file>export> export movie and select animated gif, but newgrounds dosen't let you upload animated gifs anymore.

Myst responds:

Well, thanks for answering the previous review's question.

how to...

how to do an animated avatar ?
i did a little animation on Flash, but what i do now ?

good turorial

Myst responds:

You basically have to make an animating .gif out of the material you got from the flash. Since I've never seen this as an icon, I'm not completely sure it would work, but I don't really see why it wouldn't. Here's a tutorial for making those : http://www.htmlgoodies.com/tutorials/

:( well this sux bad...

It was helpful but my computer is a weird compter(at least what I think)so I can't instale a printer because ever if I did instale one,my computer can't use it because a strange mode in my computer called"safe mode"and if I don't stay in safe mode my computer runs REALLY slow.The reson why it runs slow is because of some virus in my computer and I got it because I have bad virus protection and the virus has been here for about a year so soon I need a new computer I geuss.Can someone support me for once?Please PM me or leave a comment.