Reviews for "Mutants II"

I dont like it

It wasnt that bad but i just dont like shooters sry :(

Okay could use inprovements.

Its ok i guess i wish the movement controls where W.S.A.D instead of the arrow keys because its easer that way.

Great game you have to work on those graphics

Great game , but you have to work on those graphics cos i just know you could do better.!!!

good effort

but what the fuck do all the 'equipted' items do? there is no explanation of what they do, how am i supposed to use them :P

apart from that the game's OK, but due to the fact that i had no idea how to use anything, i wasn't bothered to play it through to the end

shame really

how far you've come along...

yeah, you've come a long way in making the world a more dificult place for people with slow computers, lol