Reviews for "Mutants II"

Solid gameplay...

Well, I'd have to say this game has some solid gameplay. It didn't glitch on me too much, and it was actually pretty fun. The enemies were creative, and they weren't impossible to kill.

The controls were decent enough, although the ASDW set would have worked a little better with the mouse in mind.

As far as graphics go, they were a bit...grainy (at high quality). The environment art was done very well, and the enemies were good enough.

All in all, this game offers some good game play, decent presentation, but somewhat low reply value.


Pretty good game, i liked the birds eye view, good graphics style very good, didn't much care for the sound though but overall its a very good game, job well done.

Lots of potential - good work

The game shows a lot of potential, and it could truly become something great if not for a few inhibiting factors.
The controls for using and switching between items are terrible. I agree with several other posters in that a WASD movement setup combined with E to use an item and CV to cycle through items would be a good setup.
The "ending" after you kill the big mech thing was incredibly poorly done. Between the fact that the game just ends AND you cannot continue from your last checkpoint after it made me just want to STOP playing the game (which I did) rather than finish it.

I'm either stupid...

Or I have bad hand-eye coordination. I got mauled by a bunch of slugs and then attacked by... Flying thingies and mutilated by troll-looking things. Personally, the game was a little too hard to operate, but I don't know, I'm not exactly intelligent. I could have sworn I heard no sound when you shot the gun and that's half the fun of shooting in a game. I admit I didn't get very far, the flying bugs or whatever killed me. Overall, I think it'd be a better game for someone not as stupid as me.

Ok But....

Coulda been better but good concept. perhaps improve the controls and weapon selection system but it has potential so try again and make it good enough to keep peoples attention