Reviews for "Mutants II"


Pretty good game, i liked the birds eye view, good graphics style very good, didn't much care for the sound though but overall its a very good game, job well done.

The controls were HORRIBLE, good game though.

Omg dude, use the arrow keys to move and the mouse at the same time??? Use w,a,s,d to move and mouse to aim next time. In order to play this game you have to like bend your arm to the right and scrunch your back over.

not bad

i liked it i just had problems with the controls. id rather use the wasd form on a mouse and move game rather then arrow keys. or at least have the ability to change the controls.


I thought this game was quite difficult because the mutants don't die easily and you can get lost really easily in the game.

P to toggle the pause

Arrow keys to move and mouse to shoot. ┬┐Does it need more explanation? :-P
Equipt, not, equipped :-)
Press 1-5 to select between the weapons that you have picked up.
H for what?
Q for quality!
Also, could you add WASD keys for moving? T to talk would be fine.
Very good game! Keep it up!