Reviews for "Mutants II"

Why why why!?

this game would have been perfect if you would have enabled the wasd keyboard setup instead of the arrow keys otherwise it is awesome

Toccuma responds:

Sorry bout that, WASD never crossed my mind... Owell, if I did that there would no doubt be a whole buncha people asking how you walk, but I'll prolly update that when i get the chance, which unforchantly wont be for some time.. =(

that was sssssooooooooo awesum

that was awesum gud grafics gud story it was awesum!!!!!!!!!


this a very good game.i like how u deafeat the freak mutant and it explodes that was good.other than that the game was kinda easy except the last level (i ran out of health packs) but i still beat it.this was very kool.will u make part 3? plz

A addicting flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reminds me of the game Smash tv a little bit! Godd job kep them coming!!!

this was great

Other then the graphics this was a great game good story easy controls. Here is the pass for all wepons at the begining tringle square star O there you go. Keep up the good work