Reviews for "Mutants II"


a simple ,solid game. i think you could have added more different types of enimes though.

Very nice game

when i entered the Area witch was eaten by a mutant at the end of the game, I came back from when i got the flametrower and then i killed the 2 creatures at the room below but the doors remain closed, and i could start over from checkpoint couse i didn't die. maybe check that. Further i Would like to say that i like the game alot!!!! Keep on Going!

Solid gameplay...

Well, I'd have to say this game has some solid gameplay. It didn't glitch on me too much, and it was actually pretty fun. The enemies were creative, and they weren't impossible to kill.

The controls were decent enough, although the ASDW set would have worked a little better with the mouse in mind.

As far as graphics go, they were a bit...grainy (at high quality). The environment art was done very well, and the enemies were good enough.

All in all, this game offers some good game play, decent presentation, but somewhat low reply value.

that was awsome

Definatley a noteworthy game! That was pretty sweet all the way around. I might suggest making a few changes here and there, but really nothing major.


it was ok but slightly annoying