Reviews for "Mutants II"

controls need work

either allow people to configure the controls themselves or at the very least give the option to use ASDW for movement instead. Also you don't need to even toch the monsters for them to hurt you, way too hard for such a small screen

It was okay....

The concept is good, the gameplay is fine, but you should allow people to change the controls on the keyboard. Alot of people are used to the 'WSAD' movement controls. Not to say we can't switch over to the arrow keys, but Laptop users will find it hard to play this unless they happen to have a spare mouse to hook up. You should also keep the HUD constantly visible (the health, minimap, etc.), or at least make it an option.

It'd be great, but...

How do you change the controls? The default controls are extremely clunky and makes all of the features and capabilities of the game pretty much useless.
For one, you have to let go of either the mouse or the arrow keys in order to use the combat items or change weapon. The fact that the combat items have a temporary effect that lasts only seconds, they're pretty much useless. You'll only be able to usefully use an item out of battle.

good game

but theres this HUGE problem with the menu and item. it's just to hard. i cant shoot and try to find health at the same time espicaly with that "9" and "0" scroller thing. it would be alot easier if you can just use your health in the menu


good game, i just couldnt work with the controls, but still good....