Reviews for "Mutants II"

cool, =D

I liked it, it was really unique, and the controls were easy to master, too easy.

i liked the opening sequence. that was cool, it was well animated, why not making an animation to go with this game?

that would make my day!

- KoLdBLooD -


this is mad fun. its verry creative and its cool how u make it a game / movie thing. nice. it would b perfect if the graphix were better but w.e. its still fun


this is a ver cool game yo...so cool that played it for 4 hours starit !

pretty badass...

BUT, the controls are horrid because the arrow keys are so far from the other keyboard controls. make WASD an option for movement and you've pretty much got a PERFECT game. good job on everything.


cool game

it definitely would be less painful if you used wasd instead of the arrow keys! but i wasn't too bothered but that, just a little clumsy to control.

was there just 1 ending to the game?