Reviews for "Mutants II"

nice game, but i found a bug

if you wander off screen, but it's not part of the route to take, sometimes you cant get back on screen. played this a few times and has happened twice allready

still a v-good game though

Solid gameplay...

Well, I'd have to say this game has some solid gameplay. It didn't glitch on me too much, and it was actually pretty fun. The enemies were creative, and they weren't impossible to kill.

The controls were decent enough, although the ASDW set would have worked a little better with the mouse in mind.

As far as graphics go, they were a bit...grainy (at high quality). The environment art was done very well, and the enemies were good enough.

All in all, this game offers some good game play, decent presentation, but somewhat low reply value.

awesome! a nice blend of action and challenge

the moment i got into my first fight in this game, i was hooked! the guns all had infinite ammo, sacrificing strategy for lack of struggling with refilling ammo. there needs to be some melee weapons, cuz when you get cornered with 3 monsters surrounding you, your basically screwed. other than that, this was an awesome game! i didnt play the first one, but i gotta now!

One glaring flaw

The control scheme simply kills the game. All over the place and not organized at all. Not even the pause button is located anywhere near the movement keys to easily switch items. Switch to custom or WASD control and this is a winner. Q and E for item scrolling, F for pause would work excellently.

Good game

Good game, the aiming system could be improved a bit though.