Reviews for "Mutants II"

swing and a miss

coulda been a homerun bro... but you screwed it all up by making us use the directional arrow pad instead of the wasd keys. thats just messed up and should not be done. therefor I have taken 8 points off of the interactivity criteria... cause you suck.

How did you think making it with the arrows would be more fun???

hard, damn hard!

I never found a weapon, and lots of enemies attacked me on each area! And when I retreated from a hot situation to the past area, there waited for me the monsters I just shot! And I had no information of the items, and couldn't figure out what are the most of them! The minimap always disappeard, wich annoyed me, 'couse I needed it. Short of all, this could be a good game, If u maded it better. Upgrade it, that might help.

bad control scheme

the wasd keys would have been a better choice or at least an option forpeople who have laptops

Just plain gay

the quality was undoubtedly good yes. But the plot was very very weak and the aiming system was very flawed. You have to line the pointer up exactly with the creature otherwise it does no damage whatsoever. Also it was kind of annoying having to switch between arrow keys and mouse, considering i use a laptop. You should have an alternate controls feature added to this allowing the user to switch the controls to what feels natural for them. Thats why you get this score. I vote 3.

that was stupid...

I hated that game... it was to hard with all the buttens located on completely diffrent sides of the computer and the music was crappy and kept repeating... IT WAS CRAP!!!!!!!