Reviews for "One - A Short"

Extemely good Flash!

I really liked this flash. It had a great and unique style that I want to see more of these days. It had a powerful message and it wa executed perfectly. This IS a work of art and should definitely get first page treatment.

wow that was cool

that was byfar the coolest and weirdest animation ive seen on newgrounds and i say myself that was awesome but it could use more violence


thats a damn fine flash. incredible animation..great sound...AND AN AMAZING MESSAGE.

Fantastic work

For those who are not too bright. this was meant as a satire of something which isnt often touched upon. it is sad how people tend to have such a lack of compassion

Nice one but...

I get what you want to say with this video but to put the poor guy standing up at an elevated posision without cover is tacticaly stupid!!! 10/10