Reviews for "One - A Short"


By far one of the best animated films this week. The amazing composition and style of your film are phenomenal, and the sound and basic technique you used are far better than a lot I see going through the portal. Your use of A:AE are great, and the combination of artwork and quality makes it one of the best. The characters are great... simple yet effective. Congratulations on this one, it is amazing.



Excellent movie, excellently drawn and animated, immense amounts of style... The message was okay, but the delivery was beautiful.

One question though. In the movie you clearly see not only the main guy get shot, but another GI get blown to peices... Yet it says only one was killed on the news report... How does that work?

UberStreet responds:

Thanks for the comment. I have already responded to a previous comment about this. Please scroll down the list of comments to see it. Thanks for your reply.


Makes you wonder why people open their big mouths. One is a lot more then zero after all.

nice work...

really nice work. however, even tho i understood the point of the flash, i would have liked to see how the 1 death affected those close to him. like a wife and kids, family, ect. That way those who mabye didnt quite relize the whole point of the flash would understand it more. But nice work none-the-less :) keep it up


I feel sorry for the guy who died i mean yeh just 1 guy died but what if that was u? anyways 10/10 i liked the how u made the dummies look like soldiers