Reviews for "One - A Short"

Great littile short

Really enjoyed your drawings and animation thecnique, you pulled it off flawlessly. Your story was good but you could have gave a littile more insight into the soldiers life, this would have made viewers more sympathetic to his death, but aside from that amazing! Please make more! Az.

This flash has given me faith

After many hours of subjecting myself to the odious content that is the product of Newgrounds today, I came accross this flash and my eyes were opened. This flash sucked me in from the beginning with it's slick style and finished with what I can only describe as a truly brilliant and provocative ending. This is the true spirit of animation, and a labor of love. Take note all of you who think animating is just a cheap grab at a handful of fame.

Good Flash...

... shame about the menu. An important message there, really stuck with me. The movie, not the menu.


I thought the loading was cool with the un complete bar but ANYWAY......

to me it was a bit sad one death but it gets the feeling alot of people want to get through one death one life one person but its not just that person its that life... its that one ...gone

War does suck

Well it wasn't so bad. i suppose when it was made in adobe after effects so some of the things were hand drawn so that's pretty cool.