Reviews for "One - A Short"

All my 5 r belong to this.

Very good. I love the end of this flash.
You need to make more like this.
Nice drawings.

Keep up the good work.



Amazing the graphics were stupedous! And this is how flash should be. Amazing inovative graphics and meaningful. All my fiver are belong to this!


that was truely amazing the voice sounded good though there was very little of them. the animation was awesome, though it was hand drawn. Ah yeah it was great... didnt like the stupid picture of the dog with its head cut off.

I liked it

Need I say anymore? Nope, other than 'Keep up the good work!'.

great movie

but having read your answer to Sabr - what should people do instead? If we "properly" felt for all that stuff you hear in the news, all the crimes and deaths we wouldn´t do anything then just cry and be depressed 24/7 ^^