Reviews for "One - A Short"

could have been a 10

would have given you a 10, but in all honesty, the preloader with the dog... yeah, that ruined it for me. excellent animation. blan story, but done very well

That was alright.

But in the end the repoter says "Although many were injured there was only one casualty" Injured people count as casualties too.

UberStreet responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I though casualty meant death. I apologize for my misunderstanding. I would hope the viewers of this piece still understand what i am getting at. Thanks a lot.


i didnt really get it,
makes you wundr wer he got the dog with its head cut off


go to the store and by me some chips... oh ya and also buy urself a life!!!

UberStreet responds:

I don't understand your negativity towards me. I hope my piece did not offend you in anyway. I just don't get what your getting at.

I don't like politics.

And I don't like this flash, good day sir. Try making a flash not about politics. Pro-Democrats make me sick, and so do Pro-Republicans. This is a disgrace to flash. Maybe we should have let the nazi's kill off all the jews instead of fighting in world war 2. Maybe, you rather speak German instead of English.

Have a great day!!! Politics and flash turns me off big time. Go away with this shit, and try making something better.

UberStreet responds:

I tried very hard to make this animation non-political. It is NOT pro republican nor is it Pro democrat. Any aspect of politics seen in this piece are brought on by the viewer. I don't see how this flash insists that i would enjoy seeing numerous of people killed off for no reason fi anything, I would hope it shows the exact opposite. I'm sorry you don't want flash animations to have any deeper meaning, but please, do not call this a "political" piece. Thanks.