Reviews for "One - A Short"


Excellent flash. Awesome graphics

Nicely Done

That was really enjoyable- excellent animation and story. The drawings made it unique. Worth watching and a lesson.


that hit me hard.and the way u did the animation was cleen

Sick... I love the insane depth of field.

Overall. Just awesome. The depth of feild max created is incredible. I love the character's gestures, like when he cringes to the explosion. Great work!



This animation was great on so many different levels. The actual piece itself had an animation style that is completely ground breaking to newgrounds. I don't know another artist who had this kind of style.

The message itself was impactful. It really hits home. It is sad that even though it's one life, we don't really seem to care. If only our hearts were more compassionate would we care for small casualties. This was really inspiring, and that's what art should be.