Reviews for "One - A Short"


I have to say I didn't know what the whole thing was leading up to at first, but this flash really got to me. It really shows how detached people can become from individuals in situations like that. Just because thy don't hear numbers in the thousands they think it's ok. Really well done flash.

More than just "ONE" lesson...

I appreciate the intended message of this short. The notion of "one" is an important thought to pass along. EveryONE counts. Statistics dehumanize us. I respect the author/animator for working on delivering such awareness to the masses.

I have a few questions::

1. There wasn't JUST "one" casualty. Before the main soldier was shot on the plateau, another soldier in the background was shelled. Casualties of war include injuries as well as deaths, even if the background soldier (unrealistically) survived the direct shell impact.

Was this intentional? Was it intended that the soldier who was shelled is "ONE" who was forgotten or unaccounted for (MIA defines a casualty of war also)?

Based on the dialogue and imagery on TV in the cafe at the end scene - I presume (not assume) that this was unintentional...

UberStreet responds:

I was hoping no one would catch this. Yes it was completely unintentional. I had originally planned on making that soldier jump out of the way but, due to deadline reasons I rushed the completion of the piece. I was about 3/4th of the way through with the piece before i realized that I had not animated his jumping out of the way. it remains a fluke in the piece and haunts me to this day. I hope my viewers can look past this error. Thanks for the comment.


I really do like how you bring out the "One does matter" Todays society hears statistics of such low numbers and they think it is no big deal. Little do they know lives are crushed and its a big deal to others. I think people are desensetized just a bit by what happens in our world everyday.

Great video I respect the author of this. Also to note. Very interesting animation. Mabye I havent seen enough video's but it just seemed different.


that was a good movie in that it had awesome graphics and portrayed a message.

(Quite frankly though if a guy stands like that on a battlefield hes asking to be shot.)

good morale

this short really gets the message through. i thought the guy who died could have done some screaming ot something like htat to give more feel to the short though. he kinda just fell down and went to sleep