Reviews for "One - A Short"

very nice

uniquely animated
original and well developed art style
and a very very nice theme- well written

the news is a liar

there were two casulties. the "main character" and that one guy who got blown up. but i got the message. nice flash

An important message.

I like your way of working with the backgrounds. You made them very realistic and they gave the movie an rare depth. And the message about the social numbness we have 'couse of all the wars. Man, this is clearly showing how we don't care if somone dies.
You deliver and I gladly recieve.


this was pretty cool, the animation was nice and smooth and the sound quality was good too, i can see the artistic side of this short also and i liked how you captured the desperation in the soldiers, this is sweet.

World War II Feeling

It's alright. It has a World War II feeling in it. And in the end, a little humor.