Reviews for "One - A Short"

Nice but

It was a very well drawn flash its just talking about the war and iraq, well there all very touchy subjects and can anger many people thats why normally i dont really like flashes about that kind of stuff, But your flash was done very well, good job.....

This movie started off awesome, then it lost it,

it sort of got boring.


the flash was made wel,l point taken.

That's quite the point you're getting across

I've never really seen an animation of this type, or someone so poignantly getting that point across in such a fashion, BUT, the dumbass had it coming for standing up in the middle of a fire fight.

Interesting, yet....

...It was a refreshing style, excellent animation and artwork, and nice clear sound, but, it's called one, and it's based on one soldier dying, but what about the guy behind the tree who exploded? We never saw him die, but the explosion occured right where he was standing, so maybe he miraculously survived by having his body thrown X amount of feet (meters) away from the blast?
It was still good, though, overall.