Reviews for "One - A Short"

That was awesome!

Your animation was very smooth and drawn very well. The sound was also good quality. Overall just a very well rounded and well done animation. Great job!!


Does it deserve daily feature and front page???YES!!! This is amazing the paper feeling was fantastic the sound fitted it was flawless you really deserve some kind of notice for this...plus have i seen your work before the intro reminded me of something id seen wuite a long time ago...anyways GREAT WORK!!!


Really sucks to be the One in this short....

This is hilarious and very well drawn and animated. The irony of the one casualty is made even more hilarious by his body being shown world wide over the news. HIs death is even more hilarious by being out in the open like that....

to true

your right we dont give enought focus on our men-at-arms. we brush off one death as nothing. do we forget that they were living breathing people once to. that they were the same as us and that they will never have the chance to experience the world or feel the sun. we should pay more respect and focus more on our troops that are fighting for a cause that they believe in.

should have been #1

This was SUCH a great movie. I think it's an absolute crime it didn't get first place in the 'top 5 of the day' selection. Your environment was lush and beatifully made, your animation was smooth, stylish and very realistic/true to life, and I thought your lighting effects were AMA-zing.

The message however is something that has been done to death through various forms of media. As a matter of fact, I'm really sick of this particular 'moral'. War is bad, people die, boo hoo! We get it, it's obvious that people die in wars... I would like to see more movies that touches a little more on the 'reason' behind war... Mainly money, economics, pride... but mostly money :P

Sorry about that... but other than the whole 'War bad' message. It was a really, REALLY fantastic animation. I'm looking forward to more of your work in the future :D

UberStreet responds:

Thanks for the comments. I must say that I never meant this to be a "war is bad" kind of movie. Instead, I hoped viewers would see it as an examination of the social attitudes towards dealing with the war and, more specifically, the deaths of war. War sucks, everyone can agree, regardless of whether one thinks its necessary or not. I believe the saddest aspect of any war is not so much the deaths of the soldiers, but how the news portrays them as "just one death." It's hard for me to explain this any clearer. I hope you understand. Thanks again.