Reviews for "One - A Short"


that was truely amazing the voice sounded good though there was very little of them. the animation was awesome, though it was hand drawn. Ah yeah it was great... didnt like the stupid picture of the dog with its head cut off.


That's about all I can say about this one. Great style and effects, good sound to back them up, an actual plot, and this is the first flash I've seen in a while with a real, honest message. Amazing.


I have to say I didn't know what the whole thing was leading up to at first, but this flash really got to me. It really shows how detached people can become from individuals in situations like that. Just because thy don't hear numbers in the thousands they think it's ok. Really well done flash.

Nice but

It was a very well drawn flash its just talking about the war and iraq, well there all very touchy subjects and can anger many people thats why normally i dont really like flashes about that kind of stuff, But your flash was done very well, good job.....


By far one of the best animated films this week. The amazing composition and style of your film are phenomenal, and the sound and basic technique you used are far better than a lot I see going through the portal. Your use of A:AE are great, and the combination of artwork and quality makes it one of the best. The characters are great... simple yet effective. Congratulations on this one, it is amazing.