Dungeon Dice

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Blue Key 5 Points

Complete the second corridor

Dice Apprentice 5 Points

Defeat the first enemy

Green Key 5 Points

Complete the first corridor

Rusty Key 5 Points

Complete the last corridor

Dice Master 25 Points

Defeat the last enemy

Author Comments

This is a small collab that my friend Joe and I started when I came back to Ohio for the holidays. It's nothing too special but hopefully it'll entertain you for a little bit. We tried to make it as balanced as possible but unfortunately, as you might guess, dice are completely random.

special thanks to Jason for providing the sweet title screen voice!1!!!

btw, for anyone curious, the enemies do NOT have increased odds of rolling high numbers. ever. all dice rolls come from the same random number generator.


great game

I really enjoyed playing this game, one of the few games on NG which I completed. Got the mage with the cube casts, where the difficulty was sometimes really tough but very balanced.
Keep on the good work!


SO HOLY ADDCTING,I LOVED THIS GAME :D Really,very good concept of figthing,10 of 10


I don't really see what the problem was. I beat it my first try as a power mage with like 45+ hp. The end boss seemed to roll really high, but the other enemies rolled low, so I'm thinking it's random. Overall good game.

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interesting variables and classes

main variables that affect each class: ratio of number of dice each player has; ratio of enemy hp :: # of times you can cast a good spell; ratio of your hp :: # of times you have to fight battles

flaws w/ the balancing: picking a class shouldn't affect the mp cost, but it does. if you pick the power class, your cheap +2 dmg spell is overpowered. the time mage's spell is only useful if both sides have a small amount of dice, however, if you ALREADY have 1 more dice than the opponent and your opponent has 3 vs your 4 dice, then it doesn't matter as much. there's not enough encounters for it to be feasible to use the healing class's spells to end the fight w/ more hp than you started with.

the best way to play this is to pick the power class. use the +2 spell on one of the dice each turn. it's hard to explain, but the way the game is set up, this tactic will have you finishing the game with the highest hp, fastest time, minimum hassle.

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Great Concept Skillfully Delivered

Pro: new spells, cool monsters.
Con: no ending, multiple ties, short, mostly random interactions (so not much for the player to do except repeatedly press "roll").
Suggestions: more MP (so the player can use their spells through a 30-round encounter), ability to repeat fights in order to level up stats, more dice-tampering abilities (so as to add an element of strategy), how about each die against each enemy die?
Review: While the dice-rolling is random, certain powers (+2 and re-rolling) shift the odds enough in the players favor that the player can beat the dungeon. It's a cool idea, skillfully delivered, and it could certainly be taken to another level in its next incarnation. Great job!

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3.62 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2011
5:01 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click