Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

pretty cool concept

I like this game alot. It's simple and addictive. Very creative game at that.


Loved the credits

Great idea, using dices as a way of fighting.
At first it seemed stupid, not being able to control the dmg you took or were giving out.
But...i dunno, could be me just being lucky, but, after a few fights i started rolling the dices for approx 5 secs each time, this seemed to make me the winner by 1-2 points each roll. (was this intentionally inserted in the game)?

Worked fine til when reaching the boss, after i had dropped to 25 hp i started losing hp like crazy, did not matter how i rolled the dices.

Anyways, cool game...


The blue room is ridiculous though


A very interesing twist on the dice version of "war." I really liked the twist ending. Great job!

Great !

Short and snappy game.