Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

All luck, no skill, plus it could use a twist

I came into this game thinking it would be like dungeon dice monsters from the Yugioh thing. But no. It's way different.
And no, the enemies still have a higher chance of rolling higher numbers. It's the law of video games that all CPU's have better luck with the number generator than humans who play the game. That's the way it is. It's just so.
Now the game itself is quite something. The intro where you choose makes me wish I didn't have to choose. I'm indecisive and this looks like a big decision that will affect the game.
Plus it's such a simple game. The difference between the two roles is how much damage they take. That basically sums up the game in one sentence. If you could make it longer, better, or add SOME kind of twist to it, then it would be good. Or at least mediocre. Plus, it's just a game of luck. All you do is roll the dice then upgrade. This has probably been said previously but you need to make it so there's actual skill to the game. There's nothing without skill. It's just boring without skill in the game. It's like the game of sorry, where all you do is draw the cards (or in this case, roll the die) and play out what you get. That's it. Change that, and you have a whole new, better game, my friend.

No Ending at the Ending screene!

Actually it was pretty entertaining :3 Funny, simple, but tactical (somehow)

Anyways, love it :3

Good game

The game is quite good. Simple, but good. However somehow some factor of skill should be present, since now it is simply matter of luck. But nice game.

good game

Nice game

Good Game.

Nice game. I don't understand why everyone feels it is 'unfair' though, It's a chance game... I did pretty well, so I don't know what they were doing wrong.