Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

dear ceejays123

the law of video games is that the ai has equal power as the player.

Imballanced as hell.

I think you've already understood that. Remember: game is not interesting while you have equal rights with CPU. Or while you can't use your own skill against it.

too easy

all i had to do was direct my guy,assign skillz,click in the middle of the screen,and desassign skillz when i didnt hav enuff mana

could use some tweeking

its ok overall but in a sense blaze is right and so is ceejays here how they are wrong, ceejays, true npc's have higher successrate but only because in MOSt games they have higher stats altering the successrate in this game there are no stats just the roll therefor theres MASSIVE room for error and problems, with the right generating it could be iompossible for a player to win, which is something the creator should have taken into account, and if ur a programmer you dont wanna do because itl piss off players and get the game stigma. however the style itself is fine, but i think he should input stats to alter it just a little ot make the multiplier more realistic and pheasable, pardon the horrible spelling there, i give it a 9/10 though


to all players who think the "dice system" is unfair, the enemy got 6 all the time etc.
as B-L-A-Z-E said
"the enemies still have a higher chance of rolling higher numbers. It's the law of video games that all CPU's have better luck with the number generator than humans who play the game" so just get on with it, its just a game....
and that's why human players have MP skills.....