Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

need more mp and control

6 because the idea is good but the rest need to be change

Damn good.

I think this dungeon crawler dice-rolling adventure is pretty damn creative. Great job :D

Kinda cool.

I guess this game sort of falls short in general of what it was trying to achieve. And, although you could argue you did everything correctly, and it might even have been exactly what you wanted to be, but the thing it wasn't was fun. The game was kinda cool in some areas like the music for example, but it lacked in depth. Why would I want to play this game if there wasn't anything to it, you know what I meant? There wasn't any real reason as to why I wanted to win in the end, and the means of doing it were sub par. So I like what you did here, and effort required to create it, it just isn't that fun in general.

Finally, a tense boss fight!

Only for all the wrong reasons. I saw this game and immediately had to play it, because it looked very interesting. Hey, so what if I have no control over the dice? Well surely I'll find things, or I'll have abilities that'll help me to, through well-prepared strategy, turn the tide of my battles. Nope. Every boring, mind-numbing click was just another step to either victory or loss. Hell, if I had flipped a coin it would've saved me five minutes.

But I'm sounding overly critical; I just want to get across how pointless this all felt. I get it, it's random... but I wanted some sort of chance to save myself from dying at the boss who, after about 15 ties near the end, killed me with 2 or 3 health left. The abilities were a nice addition, sorta in the vein of what I wanted to see, but getting them to work, too, was random.

Again, I hate to sound overly critical... it just didn't hit the right note.

Pretty good, but...

While obviously luck was going to be A factor in beating this game (it is called Dungeon Dice, after all) I would rather have seen a few more bonuses available. All the advantages one can pick up are quickly negated within one or two battles, and at the end I only won by the narrowest of margins. Still, pretty promising.