Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


I lIke It Afro-Ninja :D

interesting idea, bad implementation

The way you work the abilities makes it prohibitive to use more than one at a time. Which means that there's no point to having more than one ability. Also, there's no reason for the abilities to cost MP when they aren't effective. All that does is take a game that is already 100% pure luck, and give you a token ability that doesn't actually do anything.

not bad but..

Good idea .. i like it, but this game is only need luck..

Needs more decision making!

Bit too mindless at the moment but its a solid platform to build on. I suggest taking a look at some dice games such a yahtzee, delve and decathlon. Techniques such as choosing which dice to keep and rerolling the rest to make specific combos generally work well as it also helps eliminate the large luck element. Keep it up!

Bitches don't know 'bout my life mage.

Made the game pretty easy... but that's what I figured from the start when choosing the classes. Good game, buddy.

Looking forward to your next game!