Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Great game

I love this game. What I don't like is taking Damage from the Monsters. The Medal are so awesome

Game of chance with minor user influence...

The game pretty much plays itself, but there are a few things you can do to help you achieve victory... I played as the time mage which I believe is the best choice for this. - I beat it the first run though and had a nice epic fight at the end, boss got me to 4 hp and had 0 mp left, but I killed him.

The worst choice is the fighter type I thing, since it uses mp every time you roll the dice. Now I'm only played the time mage, but you do get all the abilities and unless they are different for the other classes (Not just mp cost) Then the time mage seems like its the best choice.

You would think that the healer would be a good choice, but it relies on you rolling a 5 or higher and regardless of if you do it costs mp... This almost cost me the fight at the end.

Hope ya found this review/strategy tip helpful!

I did like the sarcastic monsters, chuckled.

Reminds me of a Yu-GI-Oh game in comics...

"Dungeon Dice Monsters"...besides that...this is really unfair dude...

Repetitive and Unfair

It was a good idea for a game but I think it would have been better to do totals inside of high roll that way battles would go a bit faster. The artwork was fine and the text after battles was some what humorous.

very very bias game

it seemed the enemy would get 4 5 or 6 every single time no matter what. very unfair and turned me off to this game