Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


not a good game in total. i was the healer and finished the game at full hp and i was the time mage and i could barly finish the 2nd dungeon. all and all if u figure out the dice pattern that its a farly easy game. all you do though is press the dice button. not that good

I won the game with 2/100 life remaining

Not the most fun game as too much random chance is involved, but the writing and graphics were good


This game is a luck game, everytime you get the dice 6, the enemy usually has a 6 too, plus, at the second corridor, they will start to allways have the number 6.


Don't really see why, but i finished it and liked it! Good job m8)))

Great Starting Concept, Please Expand

I enjoyed this game, with my biggest criticism being the lack of choices/options/strategy. Obviously it is a short game, so more levels, with possible non-linear gameplay next time. More options for ways to affect the battle, would be nice, as well.

Good work, but keep improving this and it'll be great.