Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

got to the third door of the third corridor without using spells maybe a bit to mutch luck not enough strategy but for the rest loved it

Great game! Sometimes though it feels like the enemy keeps on rolling 6's while I roll 2's. Also higher MP would've been nice. Still a good game.

nice but a little bit simple and more based on luck though like card game slight stragedy

It was pretty good. Brought a mental challenge for me in this game. But i had to drop it a star cause of how the medals didnt work by awarding me. But other then that its a pretty good game! (Managed to beat it btw and hung on by 4 HP.)

Kinda hard on this one

The medals were ok but this one seemed kind of hard the last 2 anyways i could never get the rusty key, but this was a fun gamekind of reminded me of those old "NES" games i use to play, anyways it was like going through these dungeons but anyways this one was pretty good just abit bummed about the last 2 medals but overall it was still pretty entertaining and fun, graphics was notbad either, Some advice might be to add even more medals as this was a pretty fun game, so nice effort here and i look forward to much more from you, anyways untill next time good luck on your next piece.

Medals are great and you had some in here but seemed too few amount, so by adding more it would increase the quality and allow for more players to have more fun and more to look for and play for, give it a try.

A good game, some ok medals abit on the hard side but still entertaininggame here.