Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


I have mastered the power of clicking on a button.

Game looks good enough, but is a bit boring.

Nice distraction

Apparently I'm luckier than I thought I was; I beat this on my first try. Entertaining for a few minutes, but kind of repetitive, and perhaps a system of a certain number of uses of each ability per fight would have been better, because they don't do much with MP. I appreciated the humor, though :P.

Like It

I dont know why, but i like this game.

Mayby You do a siquel with power ups, and exp points?


Well theres not really much here for me, the idea is very unique, but it gets a little repetive and tedious after a couple of battles, work on it a little bit, it can be amazing if you do that.


but became repetitive near the end. Kept wishing to sum the total of dice, but maybe in a sequel?