Addicting Game

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200 coins 5 Points

Collect total 200 addicting coins

win 10 5 Points

Clear 10 addicting levels

400 coins 10 Points

Collect total 400 addicting coins

win 20 10 Points

Clear 20 addicting levels

800 coins 25 Points

Collect total 800 addicting coins

win 30 25 Points

Clear 30 addicting levels

1600 coins 50 Points

Collect total 1600 addicting coins

win 40 50 Points

Clear 40 addicting levels

Author Comments

Addicting Commentary:

An addicting action avoid game, play through 40 unique levels, avoid addicting red blocks and collect addicting gold coins.

Addicting Instructions:

Use addicting arrow keys or AWDS to move.

Use addicting mouse to target.
Hold addicting left mouse to shoot.
(Shoot only available at level 36 and higher)

Avoid addicting red blocks.
Collect addicting gold coins.
Press P to pause.

Addicting Medals!


I'm stuck on stage 8 but it is addicting

As boring as the predecessor... But at least some improvements were made.

Difficulty curve was a bit steep, most levels pre-20 were breezes and the rest, living hell.

Overall, decent timewaster but would NOT call it addicting in the slighest.

Glad I persevered through the first nine levels, since the ten that follow were a piece of cake! It gets difficult again, but I do appreciate the variation; the choice of challenge. Clearing all 40 is the real challenge. Some of the levels are more grueling than they are addicting... but if you persevere, that's where the sanctification lies! Seems like wave 20 clears even before the blocks leave the screen btw, wonder what would've happened if I jumped on a block after the clear screen hmm...

Anyway, good game, a bit much grind, but definitely addicting too. Keep it going!


Addicting game? More like EPIC GAME!!!!!! I LUV THE MUSIC! KEEP IT UP!

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Good game

I like what you have here, it is pretty decent, it has some nice elements and a good senseof detail and depth, this is a good style and is entertaining as well, hope to see more work from you very soon, in the near future. Another fun medal game here, So congrats on winning an award you can never go wrong there when you win one of the awards that the site offers and shows that your work has trully payed off, so congrats on that. Hmmm I must say this game reminds me of a "RETRO" style of game, and you added a lot of level styles so that was just another nice touch to a fun and may i say "ADDICTIVE" game hehe. the level select is nice maybe it should be more on a "PROGRESSIVE" earning system, but anyways still a fun game, So the game is not hard at all in fact its pretty basic and simple and keeps you on your toes, so for me it was simple till about level 7 witch was really hard. So as i am playing thru this game i am loving it so much that i will ad it as a fave, and this for me truly is "ADDICTING" so nice job indeed. So i found this one to be very interesting and possessed some nice elements and some details, even had a nifty feel about it, i wouldn't mind seeing more extended visuals on this, but you have a good thing here, and i was pleasently pleased with everything here.

I found this to be interesting but also thought it could have some more details here and there, and wouldn't mind some more fancy stuff going, on, but anyways i may have an idea here and there for you, and hope you take it even farther. You could add some more depth with more visual details, that would be nice.

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2010
8:37 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid
  • Daily 4th Place September 4, 2010