Reviews for "Addicting Game"


I can't stop now... wait, I write this review. So... I can stop.

make me stop!

its so fun... i cant change pages >.> seriously though, great game. one problem. there were instances where coins would fly off screen never to be seen again. fix please?

Deja Vu

I wonder where I saw this game before...

Sarcasm intended


nice gameplay...congrats^^

I feel addicted

I must admit, I haven't finished the game (gotta return to it later), but I guess, I've seen enough to say, it is simply epic.
The mechanism is simple, but there's a huge, veery huge variety of levels. Sometimes, the difficulty levels are not equal to game process, but it's rather rare.
The game becomes hard after 7th level - after 18th one it becomes insane. It requires patience, agility, calculation (sic, it's not just about jumping to random places and hoping, you won't die!) and accuracy. The thing which makes it addicting is the fact, you often fail due to a minor mistake and this encourages you to try again.
Nonetheless, I've found one bug: certain levels are sometimes marked as passed even though there are still red blocks on the gamefield.
Also, I believe, the game requires some information about the skills, the player gets - I haven't seen any there (or they simply don't draw player's attention).
I really enjoyed it. One of the best games, I've played on Newgrounds ever.