Reviews for "Addicting Game"

From level five to level six...

...it goes from normal to hard as shit in a second. And level six is mostly based on luck. You should've eased into that better. A lot better.

Not really addicting

It's not addicting, it's boring.
The hiboxes are too big. It's about a 7 mm to boy's head from block, but it kills him.

the new worlds hardest game

its supposed to be addicting but instead its hard as shit

Not bad

It's a solid puzzle game with medals.

One flaw in the game is that a level clear is based on time, and not on the absence of enemies on that levels final wave.
Which means that if you lag, the level can end before you're actually done.

Apparently, even though the game slows down from lag, the internal timer does not.

In spite of that, I cleared all 40 waves the right way.


thats the sequel to boring game! i dont understand it...this game is boring and the game "boring game" is funny.