Reviews for "Addicting Game"


Very fun and addicting... I guess that's why they call it the Addicting Game?

This game really like to lag...

Maybe it's just my system, but this game like to lag, especially wen there are tons of boxes in the later levels that you're trying to shoot. This leaves you helpless and fucks over yoru ability to get out of the way/shoot out a wall. This just makes playing annoying.

[SARCASM] i prefer boring game

its more boring.
the gameplay its totally different you ruined the game this sequel its not worth the boring game boredom. [SARCASM]

Loved it

Challenging and a lot of fun. The music is pretty cool, but gets annoying fast. The puzzles got a little monotonous, but still very good and original

Is it just me....

Or does this seem like a remake of the Boring Game.
Anyway, I love both of them.