Reviews for "Addicting Game"

a few things

My flash player is up to date and i have no bad problems at all. However there was one glitch that made this even more fun than before. I looked online and found that if you type B16E then you get an invinciblity cheat (and yes this is a glitch because) its only a 1/1000000000 so your licky if it happenes it worked for me and it was fun i didnt use it for more than 10 levels though -.-

ive noticed that this is boring game but upgraded graphicts and gameplay in the last game, Boring game i said i wanted more medals and better game play and more. there was only one thing you did not answer, UPGRADES!!!! they would be awesome for the trequal that i would name "Annoying Game" where there was a storyline, upgrades, and powerups. Now to the next subject

for once you have gave us a POISSIBLE challange. I have seen so many other games where it seems impossible to beat like for example. JonBro's crap game compilation 2 there is a game in there that you cannot jump the spike pit. anywas this was a great game and i hope you take my comments into consideration

PS: this game wasnt so addincting sorry :L



Addicting stop addicting things!

I've played a different game exactly like this except you're like a square or a circle and you have to dodge falling squares or circles.
BTW it's not cool just putting addicting in front of everything it gets annoying and makes hte game worthless.

Really Addictive!

From level 20 to 40, the difficulty it's very high, but i like that and the experience its the same such as the boring game of yours. xDDD

I rly like it, the concept its simple but funny, good work bro!


1 life, impossible bugs and low movements, f*ck that game...