Reviews for "Addicting Game"


Funny thing is "You Can't Shoot!"

great game!:D

the replay valeu is high for me and the name says it all

Difficult at times, but solid game.

This game was defintely addicting if only because it makes you want to complete it all. The music was a bit repetitive at times, but catchy.

The little "Boring Game" arcade thing was a nice touch.


Warning- this review contains actual irony.

Rather presumptuous name you called your game, don't you think? I disagree with it being "addicting" by any means of the word. It held as much enjoyment as "Boring Game" though the simplicity of that game made in in turn more addictive. Ironic much?

it's fun i guess

The people here say the music is annoying, but to me it isn't because it has a good beat to it and I like it. The annoying part besides dieing is having one, that's annoying 1 life which sucs.
But the game is addicting!