Reviews for "Addicting Game"


more like "annoying game"


I love games like this and at first levels 1-5 I really enjoyed but after level 5 I glitched and instantly won every level. Kind of took the fun out of the game Fix that and I'll probly give ya an 8

Addicting... and glitchy.

Addicting game, addictive review.
So about halfway through the game, I started glitching up. Kept saying "Wave Cleared" letting me skip through the rest of the levels. (Easy achievements for the win!) On one of the stages, it had endless waves of coins. During the level selection screen, blocks kept falling. Wave Cleared sound kept playing regardless.


it's easier to play I Wanna Be The Guy!

pretty good...kinda

ok game, but not addicting, it's repetitive. plus on certain levels, the gap you need to fit in to avoid the red blocks is waaaay to small.